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Carrying Out Your Own Inspections

This post is for fire maintenance technicians who are undertaking fire seals inspections in buildings maintained by their company.  Read more

Passive First registered CFSP

In July 2017 the NSW Government announced a series of building regulatory reforms, largely with respect to fire safety, which came into effect on 1st October 2017. The new regulation requires some types of fire protection works be conducted by a “competent fire safety practitioner” (CFSP), in particular the assessment of essential fire safety measure performance for the purpose of annual and supplementary fire safety statements. Read more

Intumescent Mastic

In recent months I have had the opportunity of inspecting a number of newly completed buildings in Sydney. From this, I’ve seen a dramatic increase in the use of intumescent mastic, generally black in colour, that has test approvals protecting plastic pipes. It appears this system has proven itself a success to the end user as it is cheaper than installing a retro-fit or in-wall type fire collar.  Read more

Passive First now Cm3

Cm3 is an OHS/WHS Contractor Prequalification system which allows clients to easily find prequalified contractors. It maintains a register of contractors complaint in OHS/WHS systems and process and can provide detailed information on their safety capabilities before they start work at your site.  Read more

Passive First now Ebix trades monitor compliant

Ebix Trades Monitor is a leader in contractor compliance management in Australia and are experts in compliance laws and regulations and Work Health & Safety requirements. Ebix Trades Monitors’ team have evaluated Passive First Pty Ltd on the following: Read more

Todays Fire Walls

Over the years we have seen development of panel wall systems that speed up the installation time. As a result of these time saving measures, I have personally witnessed an increase of defects around services such as fire dampers and pipe services. Read more

Fire Rated Ceiling Access Panels?

Fire rated access panels work when they are installed according to the manufacturer’s data sheet details. There are over 9 different details on how a ceiling penetration should be prepared. These details are subject to the fire rating levels of the ceiling and the manufacturer. Remember, a fire rated access panel is only a product. However, when you install it to the properly prepared ceiling penetration, it becomes a passive fire system.

 Read more

Big Fire Collars

Big fire collars, I am talking about the big suckers, the 200mm, 250mm and 300mm diameters. The plastic may take a little longer to melt and fire collars to activate but they are quite effective. That is why strict adherence to the data sheet and test approvals is crucial to installation of these fire collars. There is a good chance that the fire collars will not work if they are not installed with the correct orientation and fixings. Read more

Directors of Passive First obtain FPAS individual accreditation

Fire Protection Australia (FPA) is the national peak body for fire safety and provides information, services and education to the fire protection industry in Australia.  Read more

Fire Rated Downlight Covers - Are they Installed Correctly ?

This fire stopping system has been increasing in popularity because it is quick and easy to install. Thanks to competition in the Australian market place, the downlight cover prices have reduced drastically. However, the question remains: Are they installed right? I have seen too many downlight covers screwed fixed to the top of a fire rated ceiling, liquid nailed into place or loosely sitting on top of the penetration. Read more

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