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Are You Fixing Fire Collar Right?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On many occasions throughout my career, the simplest of faults found is when a fire collar is not fixed according the manufacturers data sheet installations. I mainly refer to retro-fit fire collars found to the underside of a concrete slab or a side of a wall. Contractors have incorrectly installed nylon pins, green plugs and screws, liquid nails and in some cases nothing at all. When, in fact, they should be using the correct steel expanding fasteners to concrete or the correct sized chipboard screws to plasterboard walls/ceilings.


Fire collars fixed to the concrete slab by nylon pins.


Fire collars fixed to the concrete slab by nylon pins and
only fixed at one point.


Fire collar nailed into the concrete slab.


Fire Collar
Fire collar insufficiently fixed to the concrete slab.


A result of not following manufacturers data sheet


This fire collar requires three tabs to be affixed to the wall but only found with one.


Fire collar "green plugged" and screw fixed to the
concrete slab.


Aldo Pena

Cert IV – Fire Technology | AMCA Accredited in Fire damper installation and certification

Cert II – Asset Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment


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