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Big Fire Collars

Friday, July 12, 2013

Big fire collars, I am talking about the big suckers, the 200mm, 250mm and 300mm diameters. The plastic may take a little longer to melt and fire collars to activate but they are quite effective. That is why strict adherence to the data sheet and test approvals is crucial to installation of these fire collars. There is a good chance that the fire collars will not work if they are not installed with the correct orientation and fixings.


Fire collar only fixed to slab soffit at one                                  point


Large PVC pipe with no fire collar

End users need to ensure that large fire                                         collars are tested in the same manner they                            install them to


Large PVC pipe with no fire collar

 Original installer having 2 goes atinstalling a large fire collar inaccordance with manufacturer data sheet installation



Aldo Pena

Cert IV – Fire Technology | AMCA Accredited in Fire damper installation and certification

Cert II – Asset Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment












































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