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Carrying Out Your Own Inspections

Friday, August 03, 2018

This post is for fire maintenance technicians who are undertaking fire seals inspections in buildings maintained by their company. 

Photos such as below are an indication that the building is not in good shape. They potentially demonstrate a systemic installation problem during the construction phase of the building. Therefore; it is wise in this situation to take a closer look and determine if this is the case.

 Here are a few basic tips on how to check:

  1. Go and grab a torch, a camera with good flash (sorry guys, iPhones just don’t cut it) and a ladder. 
  2. Take your time, have a good look, exercise curiosity.
  3. re-cored plumbing pipe means there is a redundant penetration close by. Look for it!
  4. Double check how metal plumbing pipes are sealed. Investigate, investigate, investigate!
  5. If it starts to look as bad as these photos it is time to engage a passive fire specialist to properly assess the full extent of any issues 

At this stage it is not relevant how these defects came to be here; the important thing is to keep checking and reporting to ensure all defects are found to avoid certifying in error.

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