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Competition in Passive Fire Protection Industry

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Clients often ask me “who is my biggest competitor in Passive Fire Protection”? I know they are expecting me to name most of my competitors. Instead, my response is pleading ignorance. Ignorance can only match the attitude towards passive fire protection.

What is surprising to me is that similar attitudes are found on all levels. Developers and building owners rely heavily on builders and service contractors to “get it right”. Through my experience I have also found this attitude extends to the home owner and facilities management. That being said there are a lot of people who recognize the importance of general fire compartment compliance in buildings who want to keep it safe.

Have you experience this apathetic attitude towards passive fire protection?

 Mixed fire pillows in cable tray does not meet manufacturers approvals


 Fire rated ceiling inside a shaft found damaged


Top of wall not sealed and fire collar found outside  the line of the wall.


Plasterboard found holding bricks on top of the cable and tray penetration. Mortar used around cables does not seal penetration.


Aldo Pena

Cert IV – Fire Technology | AMCA Accredited in Fire damper installation and certification Cert II – Asset Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment 

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