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Fire Rated Downlight Covers - Are they Installed Correctly ?

Friday, June 14, 2013

This fire stopping system has been increasing in popularity because it is quick and easy to install. Thanks to competition in the Australian market place, the downlight cover prices have reduced drastically. However, the question remains: Are they installed right? I have seen too many downlight covers screwed fixed to the top of a fire rated ceiling, liquid nailed into place or loosely sitting on top of the penetration.

If you are an installer, make sure the fire rated downlight covers are correctly installed according to the test ratings.  If you’re a home owner, make sure you ask for the certification and data sheet of the product. 


 Metal paint can used to cover downlight in fire rated ceiling 


 Plastic cup used to cover downlight in a fire rated ceiling


Fabricated metal cover used to enclose a downlight in a fire           rated ceiling

Fire rated downlight cones glued to the fire
rated ceiling using fire rated mastic


 When a downlight cover has been installed correctly




Aldo Pena

Cert IV – Fire Technology | AMCA Accredited in Fire damper installation and certification

Cert II – Asset Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment  

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