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Competition in Passive Fire Protection Industry

Clients often ask me “who is my biggest competitor in Passive Fire Protection”? I know they are expecting me to name most of my competitors. Instead, my response is pleading ignorance. Ignorance can only match the attitude towards passive fire protection.  Read more

The Mixing Bowl of Fire Pillows

Fire pillows are conveniently durable, easy to install and ideal as a temporary fire stopping system. That being said, it is also a common system that is often non-compliant in many buildings. Some of the defects found include; unsuitable size of fire pillows within penetrations, two different types of manufacturer’s fire pillows used in the same hole, no mastic found when it is required with fire pillows and pillows not put back in place once additional cables have been installed. Read more

Are You Fixing Fire Collar Right?

On many occasions throughout my career, the simplest of faults found is when a fire collar is not fixed according the manufacturers data sheet installations. I mainly refer to retro-fit fire collars found to the underside of a concrete slab or a side of a wall. Contractors have incorrectly installed nylon pins, green plugs and screws, liquid nails and in some cases nothing at all. When, in fact, they should be using the correct steel expanding fasteners to concrete or the correct sized chipboard screws to plasterboard walls/ceilings.  Read more

Passive First is first Australian member in FCIA

Firestop Contractors International Association (FCIA) is a recognised organisation in North America and the Middle East. Why did Passive First join this organisation? Read more

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