Recent Projects

Construction Watching Brief to Apartments @ Elizabeth Bay

Passive First assessed the compliance of the installed fire safety measures such as "Fire Seals Protecting Opening in Fire Resisting Components of the Building", "Fire Dampers", "Light Weight Construction" and "Access Panels and Door Hoppers to fire resisting shafts". All defects noted during our construction watch brief included reports and recommendations to contractors how to correct any faults, together teaching contractors the importance for the compliance of Passive Fire Rated Systems.

Passive First installation works included:
Fire board enclosures to services within fire stairs, Fire board enclosures complete with intumescent seals to armaflex lagged copper pipes, installation of fire wraps to plastic pipes, backing rod and fire mastic seal to movement joints throughout the building, fire pillow and mastic seals to hydraulic and electrical services and the installation of 1hr fire rated access panels to shaft risers.