Apartments Lane Cove

Apartments Lane Cove

The developer of the recently completed apartment complex in Lane Cove requested Passive First to complete an audit and report on the condition of fire seals, fire dampers and fire rated lightweight construction.

Assessing fire pillows, fire collars, fire sprayed structural steel, intumescent and mechanical fire dampers over 65 floors (8 lift lobbies) and 3 floors of carpark basement, it was discovered that there were deficiencies in how they were installed. These did not reflect the requirements of manufactures test and data sheet approvals required under part C the building codes of Australia.

Passive First completed the more difficult and technical of these repairs, while the builder and their subcontractors opted to address the more straightforward repairs and reinstallations themselves.

Showing full confidence in our abilities the strata owners and the building manager have since engaged Passive First (as a recognised competent fire safety practitioner) to professionally assess, maintain and sign off the fire stopping measures listed on the building fire safety statement.