Mascot Apartments

Mascot Apartments

Acting on a report by another maintenance company, the building management representing the strata owners of a multistory apartment complex (3 x buildings, each 8 storeys in height) approached Passive First for a second quote to replace over 50 fire dampers.

The existing report scope of work would have left the strata owners with an ugly looking fire damper sitting proud of the wall, with the surrounding plasterboard wall needing to be re-patched at the strata owners cost. With this in mind, Passive First did its own investigation to avoid this outcome. 

Using their advanced technical knowledge, Passive First identified a retro fit intumescent fire damper system that would not only save repair time but also reduce the cost of each fire damper.

When implemented, the cost saving allowed a decorative trim around each fire damper complete with a new grill without the need of any additional cost to the strata owners.